Sunday Nights from 5:30-7:15

AWANA is a club where boys and girls are given an opportunity to grow in their understanding of our great God, His Word - the Bible, and the importance of faith in Jesus Christ. This growth happens in a fun and structured environment on the campus of Grace Bible Church each week. Clubbers memorize Bible verses, sing songs, listen to a Bible lesson, and participate in a super fun game time! AWANA has a club for children 3 years old and up. Registration is now open for all clubs!

Game Time

Boys & girls play fun, structured games with teammates (closed-toed shoes required).

Handbook Time

The children learn and recite Bible verses from their handbooks to a leader in a small group.

Large Group Time

Kids sit with their club and listen to a Bible lesson from one of their leaders.


Age 3 through Kindergarten


Kindergarten through 2nd grade


3rd through 6th grade