Equipping Hour

Spring 2022 Rotation

On Sunday mornings we have several opportunities to engage with others in fellowship. One of those outlets is though  equipping classes that enable smaller groups to learn together and apply God’s Word to different aspects of our lives. The courses are 12 weeks long and change seasonally. If you miss one that you desire to attend, don't worry, most will be offered again at a later date! 

9:00 AM | Marriage | Pastor Rick, John Cassidy, Toly Molitvenik, and Jonathan Wolin
Marriage, the covenant union God created is designed to be a beautiful portrait of Christ and His love for the church. This equipping hour will help to encourage us in our marriages as we experience the joys and challenges of marriage and help diagnose the reasons for difficulties and give Gospel rooted solutions. The Biblical prescription for marriage gives us joy in trials, clarity in conflict, hope in despair, and points the way to a joy-filled, God-glorifying marriage.

9:00 AM | Finding Joy | CR Messer, Mark Hardy, and Ryan Hougham 
People look for joy in all sorts of places, things, activities, and relationships.  Often we are tempted to think that we will find joy by fulfilling our own desires.   But true joy will never be found by focusing on self.  Deep lasting joy will only be found in a life that is lived in, through, and for Jesus Christ.  The Apostle Paul experienced this kind of joy as he lived to serve Christ and others.  In this class we will work our way through Paul's testimony and teaching that he shares in his letter to the Philippians.  We will be observing the text together, discussing the meaning, and then applying it to our own lives.  "Rejoice in the Lord, always; again I will say rejoice!"

11:00 AM | Christians & Technology | George Liepart
The last decade has seen an unprecedented advancement in science and technology that is radically changing how we experience the world in which we live. However, even as technology plays an increasingly significant role in our lives, we find ourselves grappling with the important questions of what role technology should play in our lives, and what consequences will technological advances have for us and for all mankind? Unsurprisingly, God’s sufficient Word has answers to these questions. In this course we will develop a theology of technology and think through how Christians should view and use technology practically in a way that avoids its dangers and honors Christ.

11:00 AM | Pneumatology | Brian Liebich
We will study the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, whose Divine work is vital to our Salvation and Christian Walk. We will see from inspired Scripture how the Holy Spirit dynamically works in revelation, conviction, regeneration, sanctification, illumination, assurance, fruitfulness, comforting, sealing, and overcoming the world. The class will give special consideration to topics such as indwelling, spirit baptism, and the sign gifts to confront common errors and provide biblical clarity.