Equipping Hour

Fall 2023 Rotation

On Sunday mornings we have several opportunities to engage with others in fellowship. One of those outlets is though  equipping classes that enable smaller groups to learn together and apply God’s Word to different aspects of our lives. The courses are 12 weeks long and change seasonally. If you miss one that you desire to attend, don't worry, most will be offered again at a later date! 

9:00 AM | Evangelism | Pastor Paul, Art Nesterenko & Peter Janicki
The good news of the gospel is commanded by God to be proclaimed to every creature in the world (Mark 16:15). God desires and calls people to be saved, but He also sends His church to spread the Word. This course will examine the practical strategies and practices used in sharing the Gospel with others. In addition, we will explore the message of the Gospel and the hope it gives to a broken world now and in the life to come. This study will aim to increase a passion for evangelism and confidence to give the free offer of the gospel to those who have not tasted and seen that the Lord is good!

9:00 AM | Fundamentals of the Faith | David Wang & Mike Marion
Fundamentals of the Faith is a wonderful program produced by Grace Community Church. It provides new believers with a rock-solid theological foundation, helps more mature Christians sharpen their understanding of key doctrines, and equips all believers for evangelism and discipleship. The program fosters true unity based on the shared understanding of God's truth. A correct understanding of Biblical doctrines helps each of us to worship God rightly and to give Him the most glory. We are looking forward to studying the Word with you!

11:00 AM | Eschatology | Pastor George & Luke Bussey
This course will study what the Bible says about the end times, both by addressing the correct approach to Biblical prophecy and by piecing together what God has revealed about the future from Scripture. It will also emphasize how believers ought to respond to the Bible’s teaching about what is to come.

11:00 AM | Marriage | Jonathan Wolin & Ryan Hougham 
Marriage, the covenant union God created is designed to be a beautiful portrait of Christ and His love for the church. This equipping hour will help to encourage us in our marriages as we experience the joys and challenges of marriage and help diagnose the reasons for difficulties and give Gospel-rooted solutions. The Biblical prescription for marriage gives us joy in trials, clarity in conflict, hope in despair, and points the way to a joy-filled, God-glorifying marriage.