Equipping Hour

Fall 2022 Rotation

On Sunday mornings we have several opportunities to engage with others in fellowship. One of those outlets is though  equipping classes that enable smaller groups to learn together and apply God’s Word to different aspects of our lives. The courses are 12 weeks long and change seasonally. If you miss one that you desire to attend, don't worry, most will be offered again at a later date! 

9:00 AM | Soul Care | Toly Molitvenik, CR Messer, & Pastor Paul
In response to hearing about someone’s difficult situation, have you ever thought, “I wish I could help, but I don’t know where to start?” Soul Care is designed to help you grow in coming alongside people, and walking with them through life’s many difficulties. The commands to care for one another, speak truth to one another, bear one another’s burdens are given to all believers. But so often believers feel that only a professional counselor, or a pastor is qualified to help. This is not the biblical model of care. The Bible calls every believer to grow in maturity and to speak truth to people and build them up in love (Eph 4:15-16). Soul Care is designed to be the entry point of learning how to do this better. Biblically, change is a community project. Soul Care is required for all of our Community Group leaders, but we pray that everyone in our church will eventually go through this training. We believe that this will help us become a church that is known for our love and care, as we seek to help others follow Christ more. Due to the nature of this class, it has a capacity limit of 26.

9:00 AM | Biblical Finances | The Cassidys & The Wolins 
“A Biblical view on Financial Stewardship”  Every part of our lives are impacted by our “faithful stewardship” of God’s resources.  When we care for what God has given us in the way He intended, we and those around us are blessed. As we learn to be faithful stewards of God’s resources, we will see how: Lives are transformed,  God owns all our resources (Are you acting as the owner or manager?), and Understand practical ways to manage our finances (i.e., Budget, health insurance, wills/trusts, giving, saving, college education, life insurance, social security, retirement plans, avoiding debt).

9:00 AM | Anthropology & Hamartiology | George Liepart
The Chief End of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. This elective studies God Himself -- His nature, His attributes, His works, His glory, His majesty. The doctrines of God should not be confined to dusty books on religion, for He is our God and we are His people, and our highest delight is found when we gaze upon Him.

11:00 AM | Discovering Grace | Brian Liebich
This course serves as an introduction to Grace Bible Church for those who are interested in becoming members or simply want to learn more about our church. It will cover the doctrinal statement of GBC as well as our vision of each person engaging in discipleship and helping another follow Jesus better. We will cover what discipleship is and how you can engage in discipleship practically at Grace Bible Church.

11:00 AM | Fundamentals of the Faith | Ross Byers & Ryan Hougham
Fundamentals of the Faith is a wonderful program produced by Grace Community Church.  It provides new believers with a rock-solid theological foundation, helps more mature Christians sharpen their understanding of key doctrines, and equips all believers for evangelism and discipleship.  The program fosters true unity based on the shared understanding of God's truth. This program is designed to be completed in back-to-back equipping hour classes (i.e. this fall class and the first spring class).  It is understood that attendees are committing to both classes, as this will allow all the lessons in the book to be covered.  We are looking forward to studying the Word with you! Due to the nature of this class, it has a capacity limit of 14.