The Necessity of Trials

Jul 23, 2022    Lisbet Liepart

1. Faith Must Be Tested
2. Faith Must Be Purified
3. The Outcome of Tested Faith

1. What does “suffering for Christ” look like in our context today?

2. Can you share an experience of feeling excluded or different from unbelievers?

3. In what ways did you stand out? Or not?

4. How do you respond to daily trials?

5. Can you share an experience of testing that revealed hidden sin? How did you respond?

6. How do you respond to very painful/sorrowful trials?

7. Can you share an example of a very difficult trial and the growth (or lack of) that you experienced as a result. Would you respond differently today?

8. Why is it hard for us to endure suffering? What does that reveal about what you value and love?