Seeking A Heavenly Country

Aug 22, 2021    Mark Hardy

Questions For Discussion:

Honestly, how often do you think about/anticipate your future in heaven with the Lord?  How has this changed over time?  Why?

What are specific things that you can do to grow in your heavenly mindset, causing you to “seek” and “desire” your eternal home?

Do you stand out as a “foreigner” in your current culture and surroundings?  How?

In what ways do you tend toward simply blending in and assimilating, rather than embracing your identity as a stranger and exile on earth?

How does loving your current life interfere with the heavenly mindset?  Honestly, are there things in your life that you love too much?

Meditate some on Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:19-20.  In what ways are you laying up treasure on earth?  In what ways are you laying up heavenly treasure?

How specifically does the heavenly mindset assist us in times of trial and testing?  

How can we, as a body, help one another to follow Christ more in this area?