Philosophy of Music

The singing ministry of the church primarily belongs to the congregation, not the musicians leading from the front.  Therefore the greatest encouragement and building up of God’s people will take place through a unified people singing loudly, confidently, and joyfully.  In order to achieve closer unity in singing, please take a look at the songs in the playlist below. This is a great opportunity to prepare for the Sunday morning worship services and to encourage the other saints of GBC as you sing the gospel to each other. Singing the gospel to ourselves and others is just one way at GBC that we make much of Jesus and encourage others to do the same! May we all be gripped by the gospel truths as we sing together this year!  

Click on the link below to listen & prepare your heart for the songs we're singing this Sunday! The playlist is updated each thursday for the upcoming Sunday.  Note:  Spotify is a free service with the option to pay for a premium account. The free version will still give you access to stream these songs on shuffle and more. Download it on your phone, tablet or computer and select “follow” on these playlists to add them to your library.